Hello, I'm Katie. Wildflower Boudoir sessions are at the usual floral, farmcoast, dreamlike locations that I love, and the new rustic white space! Booking all of 2018 now! Get in touch.

I help women of all body types embrace their curves because they deserve to feel beautiful in their skin right now. This includes women who want to do a maternity session and boudoir post baby! If you follow my directions and welcome the experience then the day of you'll just be nervous for 15 minutes and the rest is laughing with me. I ask that all new clients meet me before their sessions! Contact me for instant access to more info.

The farmcoast has so much to offer! Some of my favorites include wide open fields, my private gardens, local vineyards, nearby beaches, and lush woods. If you want to go indoors - the new rustic white bedroom!

Instagram: katienemethphotography & wildflowerboudoir