Hi! Over the years I've learned to embrace that I am a curvy, free-spirited, grew-up-on-a -farm, animal loving. you'll-find-me-in-the-flower-garden girl. Favorites include peonies in June, sunflowers all summer long, and dahlias! I am also succulent obsessed, you'll see! If you don't have a green thumb the succulents are for you. I grow them all fresh on the farm. I've always lived in Westport, and probably always will. The picturesque farmcoast is a simple beautiful place to live, five minutes from the beaches, and there's woods and open fields all around. Come visit!

I am a body love enthusiast and I hope to make you feel beautiful! For those women thinking about doing an outdoor boudoir shoot just do it! Promise, you'll want to do it again. Women are goddesses at all life stages. Whether you're twenty something, post baby, curvy, thin, fifty or sixty something it's your time to shine. We focus on what you find most flattering and play it up! If you can just throw the idea of losing ten pounds to the wind it will be fun (and trust me those ten pounds won't matter.) Mommies to be let's do your goddess shoot I can recommend where to get the dresses! Body love comes from self acceptance, a sense of humor, and positive influences!

Flower crown? I can make that too!